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Beggars Banquet (Re-press) von The Rolling Stones - Vinyl jetzt im Bravado Store

The Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet (Re-press)

Art: Vinyl
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From 1968, one of the most innovative albums of the sixties including two of the group’s best and most provocative songs– ‘Street Fighting Man’, reflecting the political troubles of the late sixties and ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ with its extraordinary rhythmic pulse and explicit satanic lyrics.
The introduction of producer Jimmy Miller refocused the band with enthralling results returning to their blues roots albeit in a radical new way.
Rootsy and sophisticated in equal measure, released in December 1968, Beggars Banquet (trailered by a candidate for the title of greatest non-album single of all time, Jumping Jack Flash), absolutely epitomised ‘Rock’ and would inform and influence so much of what followed to dominate the musical landscape over the ensuing decades.
It remains simply one of the best albums in the genre 50 years later. Author Stephen Davis described it as “…a sharp reflection of the convulsive psychic currents coursing through the Western world. Nothing else captured the youthful spirit of Europe in 1968 like Beggar’s Banquet.” “…beautiful – their rawest, rudest, most arrogant, most savage record yet”
Standard black vinyl edition.


LP1 - Side A
Sympathy For The Devil
No Expectations
Dear Doctor
Parachute Woman
Jigsaw Puzzle

LP1 - Side B
Street Fighting Man
Prodigal Son
Stray Cat Blues
Factory Girl
Salt Of The Earth