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Original Soundtrack Guardians Of The Galaxy

Art: 2LP
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Tracklist: 1.1. Hooked On A Feeling 1.2. Go All The Way (24-Bit Remaster 1999) 1.3. Spirit in the Sky 1.4. Moonage Daydream (Remastered 2012) 1.5. Fooled Around And Fell In Love (Album Version) 1.6. I Want You Back 1.7. I'm Not In Love 1.8. Come And Get Your Love 1.9. Cherry Bomb 1.10. Escape (The Pina Colada Song) 1.11. O-o-h Child 1.12. Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Stereo Version) 2.1. The Final Battle Begins 2.2. Morag 2.3. Everyone's an Idiot 2.4. What a Bunch of A-Holes 2.5. Sacrifice 2.6. The New Meat 2.7. The Pod Chase 2.8. Don't Mess With My Walkman 2.9. Losers 2.10. The Ballad of the Nova Corps. (Instrumental) (Instrumental) 2.11. The Kyln Escape 2.12. Groot Spores 2.13. Guardians United 2.14. The Big Blast 2.15. Black Tears 2.16. A Nova Upgrade