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√Rehab (Ltd. Deluxe Box) von Eskimo Callboy - Box jetzt im Bravado Shop
√Rehab (Ltd. Deluxe Box) von Eskimo Callboy - Box jetzt im Bravado Shop
√Rehab (Ltd. Deluxe Box) von Eskimo Callboy - Box jetzt im Bravado Shop

Eskimo Callboy Rehab (Ltd. Deluxe Box)

Article no.: 130889
Release on: 11/01/2019
Sold out!
Product Type: Box

Format: Ltd. Boxset-Edition 


  • Ltd. CD Digipak incl. 2 Bonus Tracks
  • Gymsack (black colour with white font / 100% cotton / Measures: 37 x 46 cm / 12 Litres)
  • Set of 3 buttons (25 mm each)
  • Autograph card (DINA5 signed)
  • There will be 1 golden ticket to win a day with the band hidden in one of the boxes)

Electrocore stars ESKIMO CALLBOY are at it again with new album, “Rehab”. Previous album, “The Scene,” debuted at #6 on the German Album Charts and was their third album to reach the German Top Ten. “Rehab” is poised to blow all previous benchmarks away! “We played a lot of amazing shows, met beautiful people and saw a lot of gorgeous places,” ESKIMO CALLBOY says. “We really love ‘The Scene’ because it created a bunch of unforgettable memories for us.” Well, if the memories from “The Scene” were great, ESKIMO CALLBOY’s memories after “Rehab” will be even better.

Eleven songs in total, “Rehab” marks a new era for ESKIMO CALLBOY. From the ultra-catchy “Supernova” and the heavy groove of “Hurricane” to the hip assault of “Nice Boi” and the dancefloor-crushing title track, “Rehab” represents the Germans’ individualities, personalities, and creative ingenuity. In short, “Rehab” is the most personal ESKIMO CALLBOY album yet. “It was the most challenging and mind-changing record that we ever wrote,” says the band. “We tried to have the skills of every single member shine more. The whole process was a kind of a therapy for us—a rehabilitation.”



  1. Take Me To
  2. Rehab
  3. It’s Going Down
  4. Hurricane
  5. Disbeliever
  6. Okay
  7. Made By America
  8. Supernova
  9. Lost
  10. Nice Boi
  11. Prism
  12. Supernova (Piano Version) Bonus
  13. Prism (Electro Version) Bonus