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Greatest Hits von blink-182 - 2LP jetzt im Bravado Store
Greatest Hits von blink-182 - 2LP jetzt im Bravado Store

blink-182 Greatest Hits

Art: 2LP
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blink-182’s Greatest Hits is compiled from tracks from Cheshire CatDude Ranch, Enema of the State, The Mark, Tom and Travis Show, Take Off Your Pants And Jacket, blink-182 and more. The album also sports two bonus items, ‘Not Now’ (an outtake from the 2003 self-titled album) and ‘Another Girl Another Planet’, which served as the theme to the MTV reality show Meet the Barkers, starring Blink drummer Travis Barker. 2LP product on black vinyl.


Disc 1 - Side A

  1. Carousel
  2. M+M's
  3. Dammit
  4. Josie
  5. What's My Age Again?

Disc 1 - Side B

  1. All The Small Things
  2. Adam's Song
  3. Man Overboard
  4. The Rock Show
  5. First Date

Disc 2 - Side A

  1. Stay Together For The Kids
  2. Feeling This
  3. I Miss You
  4. Down

Disc 2 - Side B

  1. Always
  2. Not Now
  3. Another Girl Another Planet
  4. I Won't Be Home For Christmas