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Crash Of The Crown (Ltd Clear LP) von Styx - LP jetzt im Bravado Shop

Styx Crash Of The Crown (Ltd Clear LP)

Artikel Nr.: 136887
Erscheinungsdatum: 2.7.2021
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Art: LP


Clear LP

Brand new studio album from Styx, the first since 2017’s The Mission. 


  1. The Fight Of Our Lives (Side A)
  2. A Monster (Side A)
  3. Reveries (Side A)
  4. Hold Back the Darkness (Side A)
  5. Save Us From Ourselves (Side A)
  6. Crash of the Crown (Side A)
  7. Our Wonderful Lives (Side A)
  8. Common Ground (Side B)
  9. Sound the Alarm (Side B)
  10. Long Live the King (Side B)
  11. Lost at Sea (Side B)
  12. Coming Out the Other Side (Side B)
  13. To Those (Side B)
  14. Another Farewell (Side B)
  15. Stream (Side B)