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Ghettolimpo von Mahmood - LP jetzt im Bravado Store

Mahmood Ghettolimpo

Art: LP
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Mahmood has announced his new album “Ghettolimpo”, out on June 11th 2021.

Preceded in February by his single “Inuyasha”, “Ghettolimpo” represents a new world for the singer who in a short time has conquered a place among the most important artists of the urban pop, with a trait that makes him truly unique in the contemporary scene.

The album opens up to a world of multiple faces, where each track has its own symbolism and the story of a character who, as in the various levels of a video game, reveals itself to the listener piece by piece. A universe with many references, populated by the gods of Olympus together with various characters, where the suggestions drawn from Greek myths are combined together with the experiences of modern heroes who live their daily lives, trying to overcome obstacles in different situations. In Mahmood's Ghettolimpo we do not find omnipotent figures belonging to an unreachable place, but the description of simple extraordinary people who try to give meaning to their lives.

The album will include his hits "Rapide" “Dorado” and “Inuyasha” and of course his brand new track “ZERO” which is Netflix’s new series and soundtrack. In the series, born from an idea of Antonio Dikele Distefano, Mahmood also curated an episode as music supervisor.