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A Love Supreme: Live In Seattle von John Coltrane - LP jetzt im Bravado Store

John Coltrane A Love Supreme: Live In Seattle

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Love Supreme: Live In Seattle. “He called A Love Supreme a ‘humble offering to the Divine; no other composition or recording was similarly offered nor did he append his signature to any other work. A Love Supreme was as much an individual testament as it was a public statement—a sermon of universalist belief.” A Love Supreme: Live In Seattle now expands the story of both a great musician and a timeless piece of music.


  1. A Love Supreme, Pt. 1 – Acknowledgement (Live in Seattle/1965)
  2. Interlude 1 (Live in Seattle/1965)
  3. A Love Supreme, Pt. II – Resolution (Live in Seattle/1965)
  4. Interlude 2 (Live in Seattle/1965)
  5. A Love Supreme, Pt. III – Pursuance (Live in Seattle/1965)
  6. Interlude 3 (Live in Seattle/1965)
  7. Interlude 4 (Live in Seattle/1965)
  8. A Love Supreme, Pt. IV – Psalm (Live in Seattle/1965)

Recorded by Joe Brazil at The Penthouse, Seattle WA

Restored and Mastered by Kevin Reeves at East Iris Studios, Nashville, TN