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Use Your Illusion I von Guns N' Roses - CD jetzt im Bravado Store

Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion I

Art: CD
Preis: 9,99
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USE YOUR ILLUSION I remastered for the first-time ever from high-resolution 96kHz 24-bit transfers from the original stereo 1/2-inch analog master tapes onto 44.1kHz 16-bit CD. Includes “November Rain” with a real 50-piece orchestra for the first-time ever – Newly recorded, conducted & arranged by Grammy® Award winner & Emmy Award nominated composer Christopher Lennertz. Jewel case with 16-page booklet.


  1. RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO HELL (2022 Remaster)
  2. DUST N’ BONES (2022 Remaster)
  3. LIVE AND LET DIE (2022 Remaster)
  4. DON’T CRY (ORIGINAL) (2022 Remaster)
  5. PERFECT CRIME (2022 Remaster)
  6. YOU AIN’T THE FIRST (2022 Remaster)
  7. BAD OBSESSION (2022 Remaster)
  8. BACK OFF BITCH (2022 Remaster)
  9. DOUBLE TALKIN’ JIVE (2022 Remaster)
  10. NOVEMBER RAIN (2022 Version)*
  11. THE GARDEN (2022 Remaster)
  12. GARDEN OF EDEN (2022 Remaster)
  13. DON’T DAMN ME (2022 Remaster)
  14. BAD APPLES (2022 Remaster)
  15. DEAD HORSE (2022 Remaster)
  16. COMA (2022 Remaster)