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Ukulele Songs von Eddie Vedder - Exclusive Deluxe LP jetzt im Bravado Store

Eddie Vedder Ukulele Songs

Art: Exclusive Deluxe LP
Preis: 25,99
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Deluxe edition of Eddie Vedder’s second studio album with expanded packaging, 16-page booklet & lithograph on 180g black vinyl. Features original songs & new arrangements of classic standards. Featuring a number of songs that Vedder penned and first played live, Ukulele Songs also includes a uke version of Pearl Jam’s 2002 track “Can’t Keep” and guest vocalists on two tracks: Glen Hansard on “Sleepless Nights” and Cat Power on “Tonight You Belong To Me.”


  1. Can’t Keep (Side A)
  2. Sleeping By Myself (Side A)
  3. Without You (Side A)
  4. More Than You Know (Side A)
  5. Goodbye (Side A)
  6. Broken Heart (Side A)
  7. Satellite (Side A)
  8. Longing to Belong (Side B)
  9. Hey Fahkah (Side B)
  10. You’re True (Side B)
  11. Light Today (Side B)
  12. Sleepless Nights (Side B)
  13. Once In A While (Side B)
  14. Waving Palms (Side B)
  15. Tonight You Belong To Me (Side B)
  16. Dream A Little Dream (Side B)