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22 Break / 22 Make von Oh Wonder - Exclusive 2LP jetzt im Bravado Store

Oh Wonder 22 Break / 22 Make

Art: Exclusive 2LP
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'22 Make' is the surprise second half of the alt-pop-duo's '22 Break' project, a brand new album they dropped with little warning towards the end of 2021. The band's most powerful and intimate music thus far, it unpicked a turbulent period in the incredible story of Oh Wonder: here were universal themes (loneliness, inadequacy, resentment, fears for the future) as experienced by one couple in real-time, all blown up in the pandemic. Not many bands can make a break-up album that culminates in them tying the knot - but then again, Oh Wonder have never been like other bands. Coming out of ‘22 Break’ and all the soul-searching that it forced them to do, Josephine and Anthony got married and channelled all this into '22 Make': a whole new album set for release on July 22nd, soundtracking the light at the end of a tunnel and completing the dual project (with 11 songs on each half).