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Dreamland (Real Life Edition) von Glass Animals - Exclusive Cassette jetzt im Bravado Store

Glass Animals Dreamland (Real Life Edition)

Art: Exclusive Cassette
Preis: 11,99
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so here’s the dreamiest cassette yet…clear plastic case with red tape and a couple of cloud.

we’ve added some of our favourite collaborations and remixes from the last 2 years to the b-side.

this is the first time the versions with arlo, diplo, ahj and bree are out physically, in the real world.

dreamland irl.


side a

1 dreamland

2 tangerine

3 ((home movie: 1994))

4 hot sugar

5 ((home movie: btx))

6 space ghost coast to coast

7 tokyo drifting (with denzel curry)

8 melon and the coconut

9 your love (déjà vu)

10 waterfalls coming out your mouth

11 it's all so incredibly loud

12 ((home movie: rockets))

13 domestic bliss

14 heat waves

15 ((home movie: shoes on))

16 helium 

side b

1 heat waves (stripped back)

2 space ghost coast to coast (stripped back)

3 your love (déjà vu) (stripped back)

4 i don’t wanna talk (i just wanna dance) w. albert hammond jr

5 tangerine w. arlo parks

6 space ghost coast to coast w. bree runway

7 heat waves (shakur ahmad remix)

8 tokyo drifting w. denzel curry (oliver malcom remix)

9 heat waves (diplo remix)