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Maxinquaye (Super Deluxe) von Tricky - 2CD jetzt im Bravado Store
Maxinquaye (Super Deluxe) von Tricky - 2CD jetzt im Bravado Store

Tricky Maxinquaye (Super Deluxe)

Art: 2CD

Celebrating Maxinquaye as it approaches its 30th Anniversary (2024) the Reincarnated 1LP package is a welcome reappraisal of this seminal album containing the original album remastered at Abbey Road Studios. 

The album has brand new artwork featuring the only known photograph of Tricky with his late mother, of whom this album is named after. The image was recently discovered by his cousin. 


Overcome (Abbey Road remaster)
Ponderosa (Abbey Road remaster)
Black Steel (Abbey Road remaster)
Hell Is Round The Corner (Abbey Road remaster)
Pumpkin (Abbey Road remaster)
Aftermath (Abbey Road remaster)
Abbaon Fat Tracks (Abbey Road remaster)
Brand New You're Retro (Abbey Road remaster)
Suffocated Love (Abbey Road remaster)
You Don't (Abbey Road remaster)
Strugglin' (Abbey Road remaster)
Feed Me (Abbey Road remaster)

Strugglin' (Reincarnated)
Aftermath (Reincarnated)
Ponderosa (Reincarnated)
Hell is round the corner (Reincarnated)
Pumpkin (Reincarnated)
Little Aftermath
Hell Is Round The Corner (1995 BBC radio session)
Strugglin' (1995 BBC radio session)
Ponderosa (1995 BBC radio session)
Pumpkin (1995 BBC radio session)
Black Steel (Live at Glastonbury, 1995)
She Devil (Rough Monitor mix)
Just For The Hate Of It (Rough Monitor Mix)
Overcome (Acapella - Rough Monitor Mix)
Black Steel (Rough Monitor Mix)
Brand New You're Retro (Leftfield remix)