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Final Straw (20th Anniversary Edition) von Snow Patrol - 2CD jetzt im Bravado Store

Snow Patrol Final Straw (20th Anniversary Edition)

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On April 7th Snow Patrol release the 20th Anniversary Edition of their classic record Final Straw. The 2CD edition of the album includes 23 additional tracks inclusive of never before heard demos, b-sides and the previously unreleased track Tired. Included too are extensive new liner notes from Gary Lightbody alongside writings on Final Straw from Jo Whiley and Fiction Records MD Jim Chancellor.

Final Straw was Snow Patrol’s third album and their major label debut. Written and recorded during a make-or-break period for the quartet, it set them on the path to becoming one of the biggest British guitar groups of the 21st century.



  1. How To Be Dead
  2. Wow
  3. Gleaming Auction
  4. Whatever’s Left
  5. Spitting Games
  6. Chocolate
  7. Run
  8. Grazed Knees
  9. Ways & Means
  10. Tiny Little Fractures
  11. Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking
  12. Same
  13. Steal
  14. Stronger Than Before (demo)
  15. By Heart (demo)
  16. We Can Run Away Now They’re All Dead And Gone
  17. Tired
  18. Post Punk Progression



  1. Chocolate (demo)
  2. Run (demo)
  3. Gleaming Auction (demo)
  4. Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking (demo)
  5. Grazed Knees (demo)
  6. Spitting Games (demo)
  7. Wow - Live at Somerset House
  8. Gleaming Auction - Live at Somerset House
  9. Spitting Games - Live at Somerset House
  10. How To Be Dead - Live at Somerset House
  11. Chocolate - Live at Somerset House
  12. Same - Live at Somerset House
  13. Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking - Live at Somerset House
  14. Ways & Means - Live at Somerset House
  15. Run - Live at Somerset House
  16. Post Punk Progression - Live at Somerset House
  17. Tiny Little Fractures - Live at Somerset House