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If Looks Could Kill von Destroy Lonely - 3LP jetzt im Bravado Store

Destroy Lonely If Looks Could Kill

Art: 3LP
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The Destroy Lonely, If Looks Could Kill 3LP vinyl is compiled of songs floating over hazy electric guitar lines with blends of surrealistic melodies and stylish soundscapes.

1. how u feel?
2. if looks could kill
3. fly sht
4. which one
5. raver
6. came in wit
7. by the pound
8. all the time
9. biggest problem
10. chris paul
11. superstar
12. new new
13. right now
14. which way
15. wagwan
16. moment of silence
17. brazy girls
18. goin up
19. passenger
20. promo
21. worth it
22. redlight
23. make sum work
24. safety (interlude)
25. your eyes
26. money & sex (bonus) with Ken Carson

26. check the fleet
27. back sippin

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