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ex:el von 808 State - 2 Blue Vinyls jetzt im Bravado Store

808 State ex:el

Art: 2 Blue Vinyls
Preis: 43,99
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Originally released in 1991, ex:el was the third studio album by 808 State, and the last to feature founding member Martin Price. The album contains guest vocals from Bernard Sumner of New Order in the single ‘Spanish Heart’, and Björk with ‘Qmart’ and ‘Ooops’, paving the way for early concepts of modern electronic music. The release comes as a limited-edition 140-gram blue vinyl.


Side A 
1.    San Francisco 
2.    Spanish Heart 
3.    Leo Leo 

Side B 
1.    Smart 
2.    Nephatiti 
3.    Lift 

Side C 
1.    Ooops 
2.    Empire 
3.    In Yer Face 

Side D 
1.    Cübik 
2.    Lambrusco Cowboy 
3.    Techno Bell 
4.    Olympic