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Foreigner von Cat Stevens - Special Packaging CD jetzt im Bravado Store

Cat Stevens Foreigner

Art: Special Packaging CD
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Foreigner, released in 1973, was Cat Stevens’ fifth LP with Island Records and represents the adventurous, risk-taking streak in his character. In a departure from his largely acoustic sound, the album saw Cat explore his love of R&B and Soul music, as can be heard on the record’s main single, ‘The Hurt.’ Recorded largely in Jamaica with an all-star band and the first record to be produced solely by Cat himself, Foreigner is deep, funky and rich with layered meaning.

Newly remastered, Foreigner will be reissued on CD with a 20-page booklet. The initial production run will feature the super rare color-front cover (originally released only on first US pressings in 1973).


1. Foreigner Suite
2. The Hurt
3. How Many Times
4. Later
5. 100 I Dream