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Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret von Soft Cell - 2CD - Deluxe Edition jetzt im Bravado Store

Soft Cell Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret

Art: 2CD - Deluxe Edition
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The debut album from Marc Almond and Dave Ball, AKA Soft Cell, is truly an icon of electronic music. Not only did ‘Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret’ introduce the world to the classic singles ‘Tainted Love’ (one of the biggest global hits of all time) ‘Bedsitter’ and ‘Say Hello Wave Goodbye’, it also shocked and delighted in equal measure with a 10-track song cycle straight outta the seedier, sleazier, darker side of life. ‘Sex Dwarf’, ‘Frustration’, ‘My Secret Life’, ‘Seedy Films’… four decades on, it still has the power to thrill, shock and swoon.

Following 2023’s sell-out 6CD Super Deluxe box, plus expanded vinyl editions and Atmos mix, Mercury-EMI / UMR present a 2CD Deluxe Edition cut-down containing highlights from the box set.

CD1 contains the original album remastered at Air Studios by Barry Grint, the classic full-length 12” of ‘Tainted Love’ / ‘Where Did Our Love Go’, plus the original B-sides for ‘Tainted Love’, ‘Bedsitter’, ‘Say Hello, Wave Goodbye’ and the stunning standalone single ‘Memorabilia’.

CD2 features ‘Non-Stop Extended Cabaret’, the original album in its entirety formed from extended versions by Soft Cell’s Dave Ball. The full-length ‘Memorabilia’ also makes an appearance here, along with a brand new extended version of its original 7” flipside ‘A Man Could Get Lost’.

The book-style hardcover packaging also contains a 24-page book packed with pictures and an essay by legendary music journalist, Adrian Thrills.


CD1: The Original 2004 Album
1.    Frustration
2.    Tainted Love
3.    Seedy Films
4.    Youth
5.    Sex Dwarf
6.    Entertain Me
7.    Chips On My Shoulder
8.    Bedsitter
9.    Secret Life
10.    Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
11.    Tainted Love / Where Did Our Love Go? (12” Version)
12.    Memorabilia (Single Version)
13.    A Man Could Get Lost (Single Version)
14.    Persuasion (2023 Edit)
15.    Where Did Our Love Go? (Single B-Side)
16.    Facility Girls (Single B-Side)
17.    Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (Instrumental B-Side)
18.    Fun City (Edit)
19.    Tainted Love (Aborted 1981 Studio Take)

CD2: Non-Stop Extended Cabaret
1.    Frustration (Extended Version)
2.    Tainted Love (2021 10" Extended Version)
3.    Seedy Films (2023 Extended Version)
4.    Youth (2018 ‘Wasted On The Young’ Extended Version)
5.    Sex Dwarf (2023 Extended Version)
6.    Entertain Me (2023 Extended Version)
7.    Chips On My Shoulder (2018 Extended Version)
8.    Bedsitter (1981 Original 12” Mix)
9.    Secret Life (2018 Extended Version)
10.    Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (2018 Dave Ball ‘Lateral Mix’)
11.    A Man Could Get Lost (2023 Extended Version)
12.    Memorabilia (Extended Version)
13.    A Man Could Get Lost (2023 Extended Version)