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66 von Paul Weller - 2CD - Hardback Book jetzt im Bravado Store

Paul Weller 66

Art: 2CD - Hardback Book
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66 Deluxe CD

66 is the 17th solo album from Paul Weller, marking his 66th journey around the sun, released on Polydor Records on 24 May.
Artwork by Sir Peter Blake.

Deluxe hardback book with gloss finish and includes standard album plus a bonus CD with four additional tracks.


1. Ship of Fools
2. Flying Fish
3. Jumble Queen
4. Nothing
5. My Best Friend's Coat
6. Rise Up Singing
7. I Woke Up
8. A Glimpse of You
9. Sleepy Hollow
10. In Full Flight
11. Soul Wandering
12. Burn Out

Bonus tracks:
1. Wheel of Fortune
2. In A Silent World
3. Now is Here
4. Gotta Get On