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Hackney Diamonds 2CD Live Edition + Racket T-Shirt Bundle von The Rolling Stones - 2CD + T-Shirt Bundle jetzt im Bravado Store

The Rolling Stones Hackney Diamonds 2CD Live Edition + Racket T-Shirt Bundle

Art: 2CD + T-Shirt Bundle
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Hitting Number 1 in 19 countries on release, Hackney Diamonds marked the return of The Rolling Stones as their first original studio album since 2005’s A Bigger Bang.

The album includes the GRAMMY nominated lead single Angry alongside Sweet Sounds of Heaven featuring vocals from Lady Gaga and keys & piano from Stevie Wonder. Late drummer Charlie Watts features on two tracks, ‘Mess It Up’ and ‘Live By The Sword’ alongside Bill Wyman. The album also includes collaborations with Paul McCartney & Elton John.

This special limited edition 2CD version of Hackney Diamonds includes Live at Racket NYC featuring the 7 tracks the band performed at the intimate launch event in New York on 19th October 2023 with debut live performances of Angry, Bite My Head Off, Whole Wide World and Sweet Sounds of Heaven with Lady Gaga. The 24 page booklet includes photos from the performance by Kevin Mazur.

Screenprinted commemorative black t-shirt, featuring Hackney Diamonds artwork,  in honour of the Racket, NYC show which took place on the 19th of October, 100% cotton

CD1 – Hackney Diamonds
1. Angry
2. Get Close
3. Depending On You
4. Bite My Head Off
5. Whole Wide World
6. Dreamy Skies
7. Mess It Up
8. Live By the Sword
9. Driving Me Too Hard
10. Tell Me Straight
11. Sweet Sounds of Heaven (feat. Lady Gaga)
12. Rolling Stone Blues

CD2 – Live at Racket, NYC
1. Shattered (Live at Racket, NYC)
2. Angry (Live at Racket, NYC)
3. Whole Wide World (Live at Racket, NYC)
4. Tumbling Dice (Live at Racket, NYC)
5. Bite My Head Off (Live at Racket, NYC)
6. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Live at Racket, NYC)
7. Sweet Sounds of Heaven (feat. Lady Gaga) (Live at Racket, NYC)