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The Chemical Brothers Surrender (Ltd. 3 CD / DVD + 10'' Vinyl Bundle)

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Release on: 11/22/2019
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3CD/1DVD + Electronic Battle Weapon 3 & Electronic Battle Weapon 4  - 10” vinyl

This new fully expanded version of the classic album from 1999 brings together the original album with previously unreleased ‘Secret Psychedelic Mixes’ and a selection of remixes from the period, curated by Tom and Ed over 3 CDs. There’s also a DVD containing the hugely acclaimed promos for ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’, ‘Let Forever Be’ and ‘Out Of Control’, fully restored, and footage from the 2000 Glastonbury performance – still reckoned to be the largest-ever crowd for the Pyramid Stage. Finally, the box will also include four prints from cover artist Kate Gibb and a 24-page book with photos, memorabilia and a new essay from Jon Savage.

This bundle offer includes a limited edition 10” of ‘Electronic Battle Weapon’ 3&4.