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Steven Wilson Ltd. Vinyl Edition (German Version)

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Release on: 12/31/2029
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“Every time I make a new album, it's hugely important for me that it holds a unique place in my catalogue and won't simply be more of the same. Moving into the third decade of the 21st century and my second decade as a touring solo artist, it felt like time to apply the same philosophy to the live experience. I want to challenge myself to create something that confronts my own notions (and hopefully the audience's too) of how to present my music in a concert situation. This has become The Future Bites - a series of special events at larger venues, something on a grander and more immersive scale. I'm already hugely excited about them!” (Steven Wilson)



Fri Sept 25th 2020 - Köpi Arena, Oberhausen, Germany

Sat Sept 26th 2020 - Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany


To celebrate these special shows, there will be a very limited edition vinyl edition of Steven Wilson’s forthcoming sixth album * (details TBC) available for German fans.


Further Details will follow here shortly.

* The release date is yet to be announced. The release date in this shop is a placeholder.