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Pawn Hearts (Remastered) von Van Der Graaf Generator - LP jetzt im Bravado Store

Van Der Graaf Generator Pawn Hearts (Remastered)

Art: LP
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A facsimile LP edition of the classic 1971 album from Van der Graaf Generator heralded as one of the groundbreaking albums of the progressive era. Newly remastered from the original first-generation master tapes.


Pawn Hearts - Side A

  1. Lemmings (including Cog)
  2. Man Erg

Pawn Hearts - Side B

  1. Plague of Lighthouse Keepers
  2. a) Eyewitness
  3. b) Pictures / Lighthouse
  4. c) Eyewitness
  5. d) SHM
  6. e) Presence of the Night
  7. f) Kosmos Tours
  8. g) (Custard’s) Last Stand
  9. h) The Clot Thickens
  10. i) Land’s End (Sineline)
  11. j) We Go Now