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Frankie Say Greatest von Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Special Edition 2CD jetzt im Bravado Store

Frankie Goes To Hollywood Frankie Say Greatest

Art: Special Edition 2CD
Preis: 18,99
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  1. Relax [original 7"]
  2. Two Tribes
  3. Welcome to the Pleasuredome [escape Act Video Mix]
  4. War
  5. The Power of Love
  6. Ferry Cross the Mersey
  7. Is There Anybody out There? [movement 2]
  8. Tag/9 Born to Run
  9. Warriors of the Wasteland
  10. Rage Hard
  11. Watching the Wildlife
  12. Happy Hi!
  13. The Waves
  14. Relax [chicane Radio Edit]
  15. Two Tribes [hibakusha]
  16. Relax [lockout's Radio Edit]




  1. Relax [sex Mix]
  2. Two Tribes [annihilation]
  3. War [hidden]
  4. Welcome to the Pleasuredome [fuitness Mix]
  5. Rage Hard [freddie Bastone Remix]
  6. Watching the Wildlife [hotter]
  7. Relax [scott Storch Mix]
  8. Suffragette City
  9. Our Silver Turns to Gold
  10. Get in on