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At The BBC (Ltd. Edition Boxset) von The Kinks - Boxset jetzt im Bravado Store

The Kinks At The BBC (Ltd. Edition Boxset)

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Erscheinungsdatum: 31.3.2021
Preis: 43,99
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Art: Boxset

Format: Limited Edition Boxset



Saturday Club:
CD1-1 Interview: Meet The Kinks
CD1-2 Cadillac
CD1-3 Interview: Ray Talks About 'You Really Got Me'
CD1-4 You Really Got Me
CD1-5 Little Queenie

Top Gear:
CD1-6 I'm A Lover Not A Fighter
CD1-7 Interview: The Shaggy Set
CD1-8 You Really Got Me
CD1-9 All Day And All Of The Night

Saturday Club:
CD1-10 I'm A Lover Not A Fighter
CD1-11 Interview: Ray Talks About The USA
CD1-12 I've Got That Feeling
CD1-13 All Day And All Of The Night

Saturday Club:
CD1-14 You Shouldn't Be Sad
CD1-15 Interview: Ray Talks About Records
CD1-16 Tired Of Waiting For You
CD1-17 Everybody's Gonna Be Happy

"You Really Got...":
CD1-18 This Strange Effect
CD1-19 Interview: Ray Talks About 'See My Friends'
CD1-20 See My Friends
CD1-21 Hide And Seek

Saturday Club:
CD1-22 Milk Cow Blues
CD1-23 Interview: Ray Talks About Songwriting
CD1-24 Never Met A Girl Like You Before
CD1-25 Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight

Saturday Club:
CD1-26 Interview: Meet Pete Quaife
CD1-27 Till The End Of The Day
CD1-28 A Well Respected Man
CD1-29 Where Have All The Good Times Gone?

Saturday Club:
CD1-30 Love Me Till The Sun Shines
CD1-31 Interview: Meet Dave Davies
CD1-32 Death Of A Clown
CD1-33 Good Luck Charm

Top Gear:
CD1-34 Sunny Afternoon
CD1-35 Autumn Almanac
CD1-36 Harry Rag
CD1-37 Mr. Pleasant

Top Gear:
CD2-1 Susannah's Still Alive
CD2-2 David Watts

Top Gear:
CD2-3 Waterloo Sunset
CD2-4 Interview: Ray Talks About Working
CD2-5 Days

Saturday Club:
CD2-6 Interview: Ray Talks About Solo Records
CD2-7 Love Me Till The Sun Shines
CD2-8 Monica

Saturday Club:
CD2-9 Interview: Ray Talks About 'Village Green'
CD2-10 The Village Green Preservation Society
CD2-11 Animal Farm

Where Was Spring?:
CD2-12 Where Did My Spring Go?
CD2-13 When I Turn Off The Living Room Lights

Symonds On Sunday:
CD2-14 Plastic Man
CD2-15 King Kong
CD2-16 Do You Remember Walter
CD2-17 Interview: Ray Talks About Rumours

Dave Lee Travis Show:
CD2-18 Victoria
CD2-19 Mr. Churchill Says
CD2-20 Arthur

Dave Lee Travis Show:
CD2-21 Interview: Ray Talks With Keith Altham
CD2-22 Lola
CD2-23 Mindless Child Of Motherhood
CD2-24 Days

Dave Lee Travis Show:
CD2-25 Apeman

John Peel Show:
CD2-26 Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
CD2-27 Holiday
CD2-28 Skin And Bone

John Peel Show:
CD3-1 Supersonic Rocket Ship

Dave Lee Travis Show:
CD3-2 Here Comes Yet Another Day

John Peel Show:
CD3-3 Demolition
CD3-4 Mirror Of Love
CD3-5 Money Talks

In Concert:
CD3-6 DJ Alan Black Introduces "In Concert"
CD3-7 Victoria
CD3-8 Here Comes Yet Another Day
CD3-9 Mr. Wonderful
CD3-10 Money Talks
CD3-11 Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
CD3-12 Mirror Of Love
CD3-13 Celluloid Heroes
CD3-14 You Really Got Me / All Day And All Of The Night
CD3-15 DJ Alan Black Talks About 'Preservation Act 2'
CD3-16 Daylight
CD3-17 Here Comes Flash
CD3-18 Demolition
CD3-19 He's Evil
CD3-20 Lola
CD3-21 Outro
CD3-22 Skin And Bone / Dry Bones

Old Grey Whistle Test Christmas Concert:
CD4-1 Alan Freeman Introduction
CD4-2 Juke Box Music
CD4-3 Bob Harris Introduction
CD4-4 Sleepwalker
CD4-5 Life On The Road
CD4-6 A Well Respected Man
CD4-7 Death Of A Clown
CD4-8 Sunny Afternoon
CD4-9 Waterloo Sunset
CD4-10 All Day And All Of The Night
CD4-11 Slum Kids
CD4-12 Celluloid Heroes
CD4-13 Get Back In The Line
CD4-14 The Hard Way
CD4-15 Lola
CD4-16 Alcohol
CD4-17 Skin And Bone / Dry Bones
CD4-18 Father Christmas
CD4-19 You Really Got Me

The Johnny Walker Show:
CD4-20 Interview: Ray Talks To Johnny Walker
CD4-21 Phobia
CD4-22 Interview: Ray Introduces 'Over The Edge'
CD4-23 Over The Edge
CD4-24 Wall Of Fire
CD4-25 Till The End Of The Day

The Emma Freud Show:
CD5-1 All Day And All Of The Night
CD5-2 Waterloo Sunset
CD5-3 I'm Not Like Everybody Else
CD5-4 Till The End Of The Day
CD5-5 You Really Got Me

Off Air Bootleg Recordings

Saturday Club:
CD5-6 Louie Louie
CD5-7 Stop Your Sobbing

"You Really Got...":
CD5-8 Milk Cow Blues

Saturday Club:
CD5-9 Milk Cow Blues
CD5-10 I Am Free

Saturday Club:
CD5-11 Susannah's Still Alive
CD5-12 Days

Late Night Line-Up:
CD5-13 Dedicated Follower Of Fashion / A Well Respected Man / Death Of A Clown
CD5-14 Sunny Afternoon
CD5-15 Two Sisters
CD5-16 Sitting By The Riverside
CD5-17 Lincoln County
CD5-18 Picture Book
CD5-19 Days

The Beat Room:
DVD1-1 You Really Got Me
DVD1-2 Got Love If You Want It

A Whole Scene Going:
DVD1-3 Sunny Afternoon

Top Of The Pops:
DVD1-4 Lola

Top Of The Pops:
DVD1-5 Ape Man

Old Grey Whistle Test:
DVD1-6 Have A Cuppa Tea

Top Of The Pops:
DVD1-7 Come Dancing

The Late Show:
DVD1-8 Scattered

Later With Jools Holland:
DVD1-9 Over The Edge
DVD1-10 Informer
DVD1-11 Till The End Of The Day

Top Of The Pops:
DVD1-12 You Really Got Me

Kinks At The Rainbow:
DVD1-13 Till The End Of The Day
DVD1-14 Waterloo Sunset
DVD1-15 Top Of The Pops
DVD1-16 The Money-Go-Round
DVD1-17 Sunny Afternoon
DVD1-18 Virgin Soldiers
DVD1-19 She Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina
DVD1-20 Alcohol
DVD1-21 Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
DVD1-22 You Really Got Me

In Concert:
DVD1-23 Victoria
DVD1-24 Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
DVD1-25 Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
DVD1-26 Lola
DVD1-27 Holiday
DVD1-28 Good Golly Miss Molly
DVD1-29 You Really Got Me
DVD1-30 Waterloo Sunset
DVD1-31 The Village Green Preservation Society

Old Grey Whistle Test:
DVD1-32 All Day And All Of The Night
DVD1-33 Sleepwalker
DVD1-34 Life Goes On
DVD1-35 Stormy Sky
DVD1-36 Celluloid Heroes
DVD1-37 Muswell Hillbillies
DVD1-38 Full Moon
DVD1-39 Life On The Road
DVD1-40 Juke Box Music

Christmas Concert:
DVD1-41 Juke Box Music
DVD1-42 Sleepwalker
DVD1-43 Life On The Road
DVD1-44 A Well Respected Man
DVD1-45 Death Of A Clown
DVD1-46 Sunny Afternoon
DVD1-47 Waterloo Sunset
DVD1-48 All Day And All Of The Night
DVD1-49 Slum Kids
DVD1-50 Celluloid Heroes
DVD1-51 Get Back In Line
DVD1-52 Schoolboys In Disgrace
DVD1-53 Lola
DVD1-54 Alcohol
DVD1-55 Skin And Bone / Dry Bones
DVD1-56 Father Christmas
DVD1-57 You Really Got Me

Late Night Line-Up:
DVD1-58 Interview With Ray & Dave