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√I Get Wet (Ltd. Red & Black Marbled LP) von Andrew W.K. - LP jetzt im Bravado Shop

Andrew W.K. I Get Wet (Ltd. Red & Black Marbled LP)

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Release on: 10/18/2019
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  • 180g red & black marbled vinyl
  • Import

I Get Wet was Andrew W.K.’s debut album released on November 13th 2001.

The album was recorded while Andrew W.K. was living in NYC and contains the singles “Party Hard” and “She Is Beautiful
I Get Wet is known for its highly recognisable cover art shot by famed art photographer Roe Ethridge featuring a photo of a wet-haired Andrew W.K. with a large stream of blood running from his nose, down his chin, and onto his throat. Controversial in Europe, it was seen to represent cocaine abuse and violence. Andrew achieved the effect by hitting himself in the face with a brick during the photo shoot. When that didn’t produce enough blood, added to it with some of an animal which he got from a butcher’s shop.

Side A:

  1. It's Time To Party
  2. Party Hard
  3. Girls Own Love
  4. Ready To Die
  5. Take It Off
  6. I Love NYC

Side B:

  1. She Is Beautiful
  2. Party Til You Puke
  3. Fun Night
  4. Got To Do It
  5. I Get Wet
  6. Don't Stop Living In The Red