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Giants of All Sizes von Elbow - LP jetzt im Bravado Store
Giants of All Sizes von Elbow - LP jetzt im Bravado Store

Elbow Giants of All Sizes

Art: LP
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Released on 11th October ‘Giants of All Sizes’ is elbow’s 8th studio album. 

"Giants of All Sizes is a departure for us. We recorded a lot of music and a lot didn’t make the cut, not because it wasn’t good, but it didn’t fit the idea of the album that we had from the initial sessions at Clouds Hill Studios in Hamburg all the way through the recording.

We were happy to wear our influences on our sleeve and the decisions made at Clouds Hill allowed us to reconnect with the idea of elbow and free us to make music without preconception. The lyrics are heavily influenced by my experiences over the last two years. Like most of the country I feel like I’ve had the stuffing knocked out of me so it couldn’t be another uplifting album, but I found my solace and my faith in music, the band and family." Guy Garvey, July 2019.



Side A

1. Dexter & Sinister

2. Seven Veils

3. Empires

4. The Delayed 3:15

Side B

5. White Noise White Heat

6. Doldrums

7. My Trouble

8. On Deronda Road

9. Weightless