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Down 'N' Outz This Is How We Roll (Ltd. Picture Disc Vinyl)

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Release on: 10/11/2019
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Down ‘n’ Outz Joe Elliott’s side project away from Def Leppard released their brand-new Studio album This Is How We Roll on October 11th, via UMC. 

The Down ‘N’ Outz is the project founded and fronted by Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott and backed by members of The Quireboys, Wayward Sons and Vixen. The band paid tribute to rock legends Mott The Hoople and was established from the most unusual of circumstances … in the words of Joe Elliott:  “When Mott The Hoople announced they were reforming for a week’s worth of shows at the Hammersmith Odeon I was asked that I participate in some capacity. They’ve always been my favourite band and it’s nice to see the rest of the rock world finally catch up and give them their due.”

The band then decided to record an album, “My Re-Generation” produced by Elliott and Ronan McHugh (Def Leppard), which was recorded in Elliott’s personal studio with basic tracking done at Moor Hall studio Bedfordshire by engineer Chris Corney. The album featured entirely covers of songs by artists related to Mott the Hoople, such as Mott, British Lions and Ian Hunter.

This album made up of original songs all written by Joe Elliott (bar a cover of the Tubes White Punks on Dope is the band’s first album since the Further adventures of was released in 2014. The album produced by Joe and long time Def Leppard engineer Ronan McHugh is the first to contain new songs (the previous albums were as mentioned cover versions) and sees the band channeling a very 70’s feels over 11 new songs and one cover version.



  1. Side One
  2. Another Man’s War
  3. This Is How We Roll
  4. Goodnight Mr. Jones
  5. Creatures
  6. Last Man Standing


  1. Music Box
  2. Boys Don’t Cry
  3. Walking to Babylon
  4. Let It Shine
  5. Music Box Reprise/Griff’s Lament*
  6. White Punks on Dope
  7. The Destruction of Hideous Objects Part 3