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The Cadillac Three Tabasco & Sweet Tea (Ldt. Exclusive Vinyl + Tabasco Sauce)

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Release on: 01/08/2021
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Tabasco And Sweet Tea (LP + Free Tabasco Sauce)

Leaving a lasting impression on fans across the globe with their instinctive sonic tendencies, The Cadillac Three prove they are Nashville's most versatile band. Made up of singer-guitarist Jaren Johnston, drummer Neil Mason and lap-steel player Kelby Ray, the trio have been performing together for over a decade and adding to their following of both Country and Rock loyalists. "This album is a science project . . . . constantly moving in different directions," says lead singer and guitarist, Years Johnston. This new album is a welcome interruption to the mundane and stress felt around the globe. Though not even logic can begin to explain the trio's chemistry or how sounds of The Allman Brothers, James Brown and Waylon Jennings commingled with Queens of the Stone Age or production innovations of 80's Funk and Hip Hop result in TABASCO AND SWEET TEA.


  1. Tabasco & Sweet Tea
  2. Stop That Girl
  3. Head Over Wheels
  4. Sweet Southern Spirit
  5. Road Soda
  6. Bridges
  7. Devil's Lettuce
  8. Crispy
  9. Money Ain't Shit
  10. Turn the Radio On
  11. Sabbath on Cornbread