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Live At Paradiso von Epica - 3LP jetzt im Bravado Store

Epica Live At Paradiso

Art: 3LP
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“Live At Paradiso” - Initially recorded in 2006 at the beautiful “Paradiso” venue in Amsterdam, the performance has become shrouded in legend; often scheduled for release, this will be the first time it’s seen the light of day. The recording allows fans to relive the memories of a young band who had just freshly released their two first albums, and features a number of their evergreen hits like ‘Cry For The Moon’ or ‘Solitary Ground’. Now, after being hidden away in a dark drawer for more than 16 years, “Live At Paradiso” is finally available on 3LP.


A1 Hunab K’u - A New Age Dawns ~ prologue 0:01:58

A2 Dance of Fate 0:05:47

A3 Sensorium 0:04:58

A4 The Last Crusade - A New Age Dawns ~ part I 0:05:06

A5 Solitary Ground 0:04:52

B1 Force of the Shore 0:04:24

B2 Quietus 0:04:39

B3 Linger 0:04:17

B4 Blank Infinity 0:04:40


C1 Crystal Mountain 0:04:55

C2 Seif al Din - The Embrace that Smothers ~ part VI 0:05:40

C3 Façade of Reality - The Embrace that Smothers ~ part V 0:08:49

D1 Trois Vierges 0:05:12

D2 Another Me “In Lack’ech” 0:04:47

D3 The Phantom Agony 0:10:53


E1 Cry for the Moon - The Embrace that Smothers ~ part IV 0:07:58

E2 Run for a Fall 0:07:08

E3 Mother of Light - A New Age Dawns ~ part II 0:07:10

E4 Consign to Oblivion - A New Age Dawns ~ part III 0:11:35